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E2E-CRM.COM® is a consulting firm with an exclusive focus on Our promise is to help you deploy and maintain “the most suited solution for your business.” Duplicate Contacts and Accounts will not allow you to actualize the true benefit of

Reduce Adoption Pollute Reporting Spawn off the creation of process that reduce efficiency Allow us to help you be successful and solve this problem. E2E-CRM.COM® has perfected a quick and easy solution that can help you in a matter of days, and drastically reduce or eliminate your data duplication problems.

What We Do?
De-dupe contacts and accounts in your by using a pre defined and perfected approach. Your input in the definition of the rules is critical and will be discussed with you before we start.

How We Do It ?
Data de-duplication and Management is a process that requires a well defined and proven process. Our process is transparent and outlined below are key steps involved in de-duplication.ased on your current volumes and data quality, the sequence may change and a few additional steps may be required. This gives you an overview of what we do and how we do it.

We start with an in depth analysis of the data you have-Accounts, Contacts and Leads
After an evaluation, we present Merge Strategies and Archive Recommendations on Accounts
On agreement of the merge strategies, the process is simple and methodical.
     Accounts are first merged and archived according to rules
    Accounts are then compared against Leads to create a potential merge list.
    After defining, agreeing to and executing the Account & Lead de-duplication, the Contacts are addressed.
     An analysis of your Contact Data will be presented with both Merge and Archive recommendations.

Our process ensures that there is no loss of Tasks, Notes, Attachments and Event on transactions like Opportunities and Cases and on Meta data.

How long will it take ?
It can take anywhere between three and seven days and the data load is always performed over a weekend. The process of defining rules takes a minimum of four days and can increase or decrease based on Volume. The Actual De-duplication process is a three day effort and is always carried out over a weekend.

How much will it cost ?
The price of the effort does not depend on the volume of records but the number of rules and edition of sales force. com. A typical engagement costs approximately $6000.
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