Our Approach

What makes us different is our Strategic focus in designing solutions which helps management to achieve greater business value from SAAS. We have a clear perspective: SAAS is not merely a cost but a critical contributor to the business, focused on improving business value and performance.

Our professionals are experienced with innovative and bringing boardroom-relevant criteria to SAAS initiatives and helping high-performance businesses to not just "think bigger" but to "think better".

Our Approach
Our Approach is centered on Creating Relationship Equity under the umbrella of Best Practice Implementation Guidelines. Our approach ensures:

Inquiries and transactions are processed in a timely manner.
Minimize repeat or follow-up transactions.
Standardized service delivery across multiple touch points.
Ability to measure performance and constituent satisfaction.
Improved accountability.
Proactive outreach programs launched by analyzing incoming data.
Workload routing and case/task management.
Compliance with laws / regulations / administration priorities.

Our Solution Definition: We believe in deploying a

Phased and

roll out of Salesforce.com governed by metric driven and measured process changes that drive the use of a single tool and result in seamless inter-departmental collaboration. Mostly, it is relatively easy to describe the current and the ideal future state. The challenge lies in determining an actionable plan to reach the ideal state. The goal of defining implementation plateaus is to create stepping stones that allow the organization to reach a desired end-state in actionable increments.

Each plateau should be built with technology that exists at the initiation point. Don’t rely on futures.
Each plateau should provide a business benefit.

Only the current and possibly the next two plateaus should be defined in detail since the environment is going to change. A plateau should be duration of approximately six months; i.e., there should be enough time to deliver, but the end state should also be visible.


The nicest thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of anxiety.
Source: John Preston, Boston University

We define and establish a set of metrics along with the procedures for gathering them across the.  If a project has no measures it has no way of knowing how well it is performing  We work with all our clients to determine the specific measure they chooses to capture and these measures are normally grouped into the following categories:

Cost and

The above factor into our planning and estimation processes. Resource skill sets are factored into estimates. Technology complexity is factored into estimates. Process complexity is factored into estimates.
Results from estimation tools are compared to historical project data. Our Project Managers estimate the best, worst and most likely duration for tasks so there are no surprises on our implementations.

An Integrated perspective:

Create a unified view of each customer.
Consolidate and Analyze data -Internal and External.
Present a single personality to your customer.
Brand personality - Act like one company and establish Common rules.
Personalize each customer interaction.
Consistent interaction rules move towards 1-1 tailored interactions.
Learn from each customer interaction.
Data capture, Value mining,   Create/Refine and Monitor results.
Build Innovative customer experiences.
Up sell, Cross sell, create customer communities.

Create an E2E customer experience.

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